Agile, Scalable and Streamlined AMR Solutions
Flexibility with Optimal Efficiency. Big data-driven AMR fleet enables rapid response to consumer demand changes, mitigating labor demand fluctuations caused by supply chain disruptions.
Cost Reduction in Instant Feedback. Reduce labor costs, decrease labor intensity, and enhance labor productivity.
Fast Deployment. 2 weeks deployment, applicable to both new warehouse construction and existing warehouse renovation, ensuring swift mission accomplishment.
Seamless Integration. APIs integration with OMS and WMS to facilitate business flow transition. Real-time monitoring of operations enables profound insights.
Innovative Showcases in Multi-Scenario
Dynamic Zoning
In order fulfillment, picker works in coordination with AMR. Pickers handle sorting while AMRs handle transportation and connect the business process to complete picking task swftly. FlexGalaxy.AI assigns orders to locations through WMS and divides picking zones based on item density. Picking zones adjust when there are changes in location distribution. FlexGalaxy.AI arranges and combines picking zones to guide AMR and picker to concentrate their operations, minimizing movement and completing picking tasks.
Digitization and Automation Built for Industries
The main challenge faced by clients in the 3PL industry is the rapid changes in upstream suppliers and the frequent variability in product categories. Due to short warehouse leasing cycles, it is not suitable to invest in long-term automated equipment with lengthy procurement and recovery cycles.
Key Solution Features
checkSoftware driven, agile operation
checkLow investment, quick results
checkReduced cost, improved fficiency, enhanced competitiveness.
checkEasy usability, low training cost
Cosmetics is the major business for live-streaming e-commerce. Cosmetic industry clients must handle the pressure of high demand peaks and increase throughput while reducing error rates to ensure operational profits.
Key Solution Features
checkEffortless picking with minimized movement
checkDeploy with no interference and expand with minimal burden.
checkMultiple confirmations to reduce error rates.
Both on-site logistics and material handling on production lines have strong demands scattered across various stages of the production process. Seamless integration and unified management become fundamental requirements for manufacturing industry clients.
Key Solution Features
checkSeamless, continuous integration capability.
checkAbundant software, electronic, and mechanical interfaces.
checkUnified operational platform for managing collaboration among multiple devices.
RaaS by Syrius: On-Demand Subscription for Constant Needs
Effortless Adoption. RaaS (Robotics as a Service) transforms purchasing robots into leasing robots, eliminating lengthy budgeting processes. Achieving automation instantly simply by making operational cost decisions.
Streamlined Expansion. For unexpected surge in demand, just lease more AMRs. Scale the AMR fleet seamlessly for your business expansion.
Carefree Service. We have expanded our service system globally in collaboration with partners. Our world-class service team is always there with clients, ensuring worry-free automation processes.
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